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Privacy Policy

Personal Information

The following personal information is needed in order
to create a trip manifest and communicate with guests
for business related matters only. It is never shared or
distributed outside of Omega Land Sailing.

1. Names of all in your party
2. Addresses of all in your party
3. Phone numbers of all in your party
4. Email addresses of all in your party

The information is gathered either via telephone or email
during the reservation booking process. Additional personal
information from electronic invoices is not available or
gathered by Omega Land Sailing.

Using Personal Information

Omega Land Sailing keeps a record of participants for each
trip, in order to comply with accounting and bookkeeping
requirements. Once per year, a mailing will be sent to
inform past participants of the upcoming season's offerings.

Removing Personal Information

If at any time after doing business with Omega Land Sailing
that you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please
call 206-249-9769 (toll-free 800-377-9774).

Protecting Personal Information

Omega Land Sailing manages all information using the strongest
data encryption available with backups stored securely off-site
in the event of equipment damage or loss.