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Sorry, there is no remaining availability in 2014 for booking private trips. Please inquire for booking in 2015. Thank you!

I/we Want..

  • Privacy
  • Open/no schedule
  • Choice of venue

Private Events

There is no minimum number of participants required in order to host a private event, however, there is a maximum of 20 persons land sailing per day.

To get started, please explain what you are interested in doing - how long you would like to go land sailing, for how many people, and the date(s) you are wanting to go.

Please write to and all details will be confirmed so that an accurate quote can be provided.

A word on filming..

Producers and crew who are either pitching or are hired to film a segment featuring land sailing will need to obtain a filming permit from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) well in advance. Omega Land Sailing's fee is based on the number of actors needing equipment and the duration of the project. Sorry, bartering services for "publicity" is not possible.

Thank you for your consideration.