America's Premier Land Sailing Adventures

Image: 2015 decorative embellishment

Filming Projects

Concepts, pitches, commercials, producers, scouts and advertisers

The fee is $5,000 per day + 3% public lands filming use fee. Work is typically from 10:00 AM to dusk, and includes the use of a wide assortment of land yachts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Branding is accepted for banner installation on location and for placement on the land yacht chassis and sails - you must supply these materials. Maximum decal size is 16" H x 32" W.

Omega Land Sailing has supported several successful projects over the years. Once your chosen location is determined, a streamlined permitting process enables you to get your project started quickly. Assistance from a small family of Area 51 aliens is included, and Elvis sightings are guaranteed.

Projects List

I wish Barry would have called me before he paid $825 at auction for an old homemade land yacht chassis - he had hoped to find the missing mast & sail and make a big score. He got stuck with just the chassis, and I had no use for it either. Later, the breezes picked up and he had fun sailing a modern land yacht - the BloKart 1 Design! -Pete

Filming Locations

Las Vegas, NV Vicinity

  • Area 51 Dreamlands, NV (2) locations
  • Highway 95 / Beatty, NV (2) locations
  • Ivanpah Dry Lake, CA (Base: Primm, NV) [Video]
  • Silurian Dry Lake, CA (Base: Baker, CA)[Video]

Los Angeles, CA Vicinity

  • El Mirage, CA
  • Pacific Coast (2) locations

Other Vicinities

  • Northern & Central Nevada (5) locations
  • Alvord Dry Lake, OR
  • The Oregon Dunes (2) locations

Getting Started

Please call 800-377-9774 or send an email for more information and availability. Phone inquiries will receive a response within 24 hours from the time your call was received. Thank you for considering Omega Land Sailing.